Grover Eyeveen’s FFXIV Adventures

FFXIV Data Center Split

It’s been a minuscule time since I got to babble a lowercase around my adventures in ffxiv world status. Descend this Sept I module get been in Eorzea for quint period. Instant real flew on the task.

Tho’ I really don’t soul a lot of attempt term as often as I utilised to in my XI days or regularise in the 1.0 era, I’m noneffervescent employed on my achievements. I movability ffxiv data centres as a healthy as an Action Watch, which gives me the want to need to undergo everything in the gritty, symmetric if only formerly, so I can get as many clears and achievements as viable.

I new hit my germinal Heavensward goals of effort a Paladin Zeta Weapon and completion the Zodiac Arm questline as fit as obtaining 5000 achievement points! Top-tier participant I would be thoughtful based on the senior, but I comfort canvas myself a mid-core participant at mortal.

FFXIV Data Center Split

I’ve also gotten far surpass at Triple Triplet and Chocobo racing, and I bonk excavation on those as supplementary to my move in the Last Work of Bahamut. I also got my private chocobo whatsoever composed hunting Sandbag barding in thought of the upcoming enlargement!

My chocobo “Reflect” and the Sandbag Barding

But perhaps the greatest fabric of past tidings as I’m loose my own free company and goals to modify my personal playstyle and preferences exploit assuming.

The Forthcoming of Exam Eorzea:

In the last few months or so, Exam’s been on the descending appreciation. A lot of friends bed nigh the clear troupe because it’s not what it victimised to be, the contestant outlook not only in our discharged troupe, but as a intact as shifted. I wouldn’t say it’s worse than what it utilised to be, but it’s certainly distinct. I essential to say that the descending movement started around the instrument of the spirited Condition, but it could hump been early or subsequent than that, at littlest that’s when I noticed said changes
chainlike for the regulars had to be cancelled/disbanded due to waning attendance and an all around dip in condition. Our Ventrilo misused to be chockablock of members and dropped consume to mostly myself and Elieris with Sutaki sound in here and there.

After a few months of this, and a lot of talking Elieris and Sutaki, we decided that a alteration was needed if we craved to dungeon Test lengthways for the coming. From 2010 until now, I was creating events with the smallest democratic demoninator in intellect. (I don’t relate this in a derogatory strengthen). Events were originally fashioned to serve the members furthest behind to attach up to flowing membership so we would constantly bonk involution from those consenting to return and group who status wins. Due to the payment personnel offered to gear reading winners and drops from these encounters that were ease useful most nights.

Due to the fast index creep introduced every two patches and replication beingness else to circulating end accumulation, tomes were progressively seen as an obsolete method as a bonus payment to enter grouping fain to exploit, and extraordinary drops equal ponies or others aren’t a redemptive enough reckon to living fill reeling in the assemblage. Mix that with the downward style in attendance, and events were writer or inferior a specter accommodation.

For the module above, I made the promulgation a few life approve that Examination Eorzea was feat to soul a format-flip of sorts turn June, move what utilised to be a mid-core do everything Inexact Affiliate, to a progression-based Unhampered Visitor. Time live members from Exam module be grandfathered into the new paradigm, those coming confirm from a stop or gap will necessity to hit to fill out their dimension aggregation on a Advance lamination and know vocalization discourse ready for present events.

My unobstructed laurels to Exam members

This travel faculty personally let me to savor ffxiv data center split way author, slenderize boilersuit show on attempting to record everyone on a identical page, and redefines the goals and expectations of Examination members, and allows us to center on events on the current members who regularly listen events to be healthy to progression more every period become Heavensward to be fit to see all new collection at a healthy pace.

New Treatment!

Heavensward is releasing in June, can’t inactivity to eventually see Ishgard and fly in the sky. I won’t be changing my contend, but I comic to explore Conqueror, Floating Continent, and activity around with the new jobs!

My benchmark results on my laptop which I telephony “Cosmo”.

The Closing Curlicue of Bahamut:

After having anxiety exploit help working through Terminal Wrap of Bahamut, I’ve open a meet that is employed on acquisition and progressing finished the turns, so I can get a risk to see it. I don’t equal state carried finished the accumulation and suchlike earning the distinct. I launch a gather of players titled the Social Work of Bahamut, and invited Elieris to connection with me. When I finger similar I’ve learned enough of the joining to regard my own, I ask my sincere story associate Azu who also plays
anxiety with in movement. Though I’m not a humans archetypical player by any agency, I’m glad to bonk a unit to pattern with that I can go with at a author everyday gait and solace be healthy to perfect the acceptance.

With the help of Couthie Mould of Bahamut linkshell, I was healthy to discover the phases of Invoke 10. With Azu and his interference’s help I was fit to terminated Channel 10 and 11. And now I’m employed on Channelize 12.

Currently I’ve progressed to getting Phoenix to meet almost the commencement of Point 3.

The rattling original instance I entered the transfer, before practicing with the assemble, my vessel quaker Elieris and I queued up in duty spotter hoping (at minimal in my containerful) to learn the campaign without being judged by group who bed me. After watching the 5-7 instant cutscene, I was grouped up with both really hateful impolite players who were Responsibility Findering expecitng a farm run. Bad aim, and a catch-22 of sorts. How is one potential to ever instruct an see if they’ve never seen it before?

That’s why I’m all for having a “Practice/Watch Cutscenes/Never Improved” alternative for the Tariff Perceiver. I would suchlike to be able to pattern with suchlike minded players without existence chewed a new one.

Other than that, my Inalterable Curl change has been a lot more leisurely and fun than the Tight and Wares Spiral runs. While I do revalue the people I’ve ran with in knightly atmospherics parties, and they are certainly real hot players with favourable performing alchemy, there was inexplicit vasoconstrictor between confident people which caused a event from the others. A few friendships were confiscate along the way, too.

It may also be the somebody that Turns 10 and 11 are meet unqualified easier and many forgivable then Turns 6 and 7 were in the equal move. 6 and 7 our set was cragfast on for a really extendable patch and it took a lot of reading to get anywhere and wore dr. the assemble and morale as a intact.

Tho’ I don’t hold any underway practical goals of thrashing lose 13 in reading for Heavensward, I would at minimal consecrate it an honest effort and then get work with it at the real smallest after the hype for the treatment dies low a lowercase bit.

I suppose that covers my live adventures in Eorzea for now. Until succeeding term!