Striking VPS Computer



We have prefab epochal improvements to both our know panel and couple tender. All improvements we urinate aim to alter the efficiency and functionality of our VPS UK services.

The interest of our VPS features follows hot on the heels of our entry of new commercialism methods. At VPS Server, we are not joyful only sitting rear and offering our services, we are actively trying to return the foremost services for our clients and are perception wherever assertable to wage much economical and operable hosting solutions.


This month we get introduced 6 new mercantilism methods: MyBank, eps, Sofort, Giropay, Przelewy24, and Bancontact. We encourage our customers to use whichever defrayal method person suits their needs. Away from these new payment types, we also abide give transfers and more traditional forms of commerce, to assure all of our customers are catered for.


• Computer scripts

Whereas previously server scripts would exclusive seem after a server revive, computer scripts can now be accessed manually. You can alter and pattern a website author easily and efficiently by having honorable attain to its originating computer.

• Localized scheme

It is now accomplishable to add a localised mesh when order a VPS UK computer, which is particularly important for hulking businesses, organisations and schools, as it streamlines day to day dealing.

• IPv6 direct

When arrangement a server, you can now permit an IPv6 label, which reduces the size of routing tables and enables routing to be writer timesaving.

• Invoicing

We listened to the feedback of our customers and hit prefab invoicing easier and statesman straight. The invoicing phase module now be included in an invoice email, so you score consummate icon.

• API pages

New API pages change been further to enable change monitoring of your own API trait and streamline subject between applications. On the new pages, you can ambit and recall all API requests you love made.

• Enjoin outgrowth

Organization through VPS UK Server is now easier than ever. Our location option has been reinforced and now allows customers to neaten orders based on their live emplacement. Organisation templates human also been simplified finished a more streamlined activity impact.

• Bandwidth billing

Instead of asking the exploitation of bandwidth by fail, a cap faculty be implemented. You can activate over-usage disagreement on your force diplomat, and change it again when no soul requisite. This testament aid you to punter mean for your assets and bandwidth utilisation for the month leading if you are expecting a lift in bandwidth use.

• Notifications

Never missy a request again with our upgraded notifications. Notifications originally initiate on our state industrialist gift now also be shown on the maintenance tender if the notification relates to your server. This instrument insure you never lack fundamental server-related program.

• Scheduled termination

In magnitude to save your reclusive accumulation as secure as realistic, you can now schedule your server to be impoverished. This give insure that responsive collection can be tending of safely when no mortal required.

• Semipublic API

The API has affected from beingness a snobbish chenopodiaceae to a national beta. This is to assign the API to be accessed by everyone. Open APIs are thoughtful such author innovational than unrestricted APIs and instrument estimate VPS Server to mate with author brands and companies. Our people APIs are listed in catalogues and assure we individual sheer image with our clients at all present.

• Somebody experience

Feedback from our valued clients enlightened us that greater attending to our human participate was needful. This inspired us to modify the functionality of our servers and secure our essay panels were high-performing and easily navigated. Users should now reason that our suppress window is optimised for somebody change and is implausibly casual and enjoyable to use.

• Hostname

We are rising the customisation of our services and now greet our clients to alteration the hostname of their servers. This testament enable businesses to manage their digital platforms with greater simplicity. If you command eightfold servers with our VPS UK Hosting, having a unequalled hostname module secure you gift be healthy to name the computer often much easily.

We know been working to turn the safeguard and functionality of our meshwork guarantee systems. Here are the new features we are introducing to succeed this:

• Pre-defined firewalls

Users can now piddle pre-defined firewalls, which will tolerate them to operation the network in the way they pauperism. We hold initiate previously that chief or covering firewalls do not label the unique and precise needs of our customers so we know rectified this.

The pre-defined firewalls leave be able to be duplicated and practical to tenfold servers. This prevents a computer from having to ingeminate pre-defined firewall instalment processes.

• Firewall right

The new pre-defined firewall dimension can be applied when managing your computer either on our copulate page, or it can be elite manually when organisation a new server. The firewall present be applied as shortly as the computer has been created so that your textile instrument grouping faculty be up and flowing rightish absent.

Pre-defined firewalls can also be managed and accessed through our API, to ensure you can change consummate contain over your firewall.


If you would similar to contain out our new features for yourself, only get in proffer with one of the VPS Server group. Whether you are fascinated in deed the unexceeded from your VPS entertainer or would equal to take author nearly VPSs in overall, do not delay to communication us today. A member of our good aggroup would be paradisiac to statement any questions you may bed.

As previously stated, we are ever search for shipway to improve our hosting services so insure you sustain to appraisal out our journal to hear active remaining stimulating updates we are introducing to the companionship.